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There’s 45% Off RetroVerse By Electronik Sound Lab

ADSR are offering 45% off RetroVerse, an 80’s retro pop sampler for a limited time, now only $12.00, (usually $22.00).

RetroVerse is a virtual instrument plugin featuring the beautiful sound of 80s Pop music, a genre that made an amazing comeback in this decade.

Enter the 80s Pop universe filled with memorable rhythms, catchy synths and sci-fi pads – a world full of joy, melodicity, love, and optimism. RetroVerse is here to take you back to this amazing decade and help you create amazing retro tunes.

This plugin brings all the specific production elements and will be all you need to create full tracks.

Expect a plethora of emotionally sweet keys & synths, warm punchy basses, rich & moving pads, as well as piercing synthetic drums. All the sounds were sourced from hardware synthesizers, processed with high-end gear, and meticulously edited to sound perfect on any track.

RetroVerse has a simple and easy-to-use GUI with controls for the ADSR envelope, lowpass/highpass filter cutoff, LFO modulation, global volume, pan & tune. Included are also effect modules that will let you further sculpt the sound: reverb, chorus, delay, and distortion.

RetroVerse is aimed at all popular genres such as Retro Pop, Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Darksynth, Dreamwave, Retrowave, etc…

Features include:

  • 115 Multi-Sampled Presets organized by category:
  • 30 Pads
  • 50 Synth Keys
  • 19 Bass
  • 16 Drum Kits
  • LFO modulation controls
  • Lowpass/highpass filter cutoff
  • ADSR envelope controls
  • Built-in Chorus
  • Built-in Delay
  • Built-in Reverb
  • Built-in distortion (only in the bass section)
  • Glide Time (only in the bass section)
  • Samples meticulously edited one by one
  • Easy to use
  • 100% royalty-free

RetroVerse is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU)

For more information on RetroVerse, click here: 

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