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MIDI FX PRO By Jorge Arroyo Updated With AUv3 Hosting And More

MIDI FX PRO by Jorge Arroyo has been updated with a number of new features and fixes one of which is AUv3 hosting support. MIDI FX PRO is available to iPhone, iPad and MacOS users for $7.99. Buy MIDI FX PRO once and get the iOS and Mac apps with Family Sharing.

What’s new in version 1.3

  • Added support for AUv3 plugins: Audio Effects and Virtual Instruments. Use the app as a complete music generation/production
  • Added audio modules: Audio Fader, Audio Mixer, Audio Meter
  • Adapted old audio instruments for the new audio chain
  • Added module to separate Note ON and OFF messages
  • Added a new Trigger Input to the Sequencer that lets you control when notes are played by sending a message from another module.
  • Lots of small fixes

NOTE: Support for AUv3 plugins on the Mac is not perfect and some plugins will have problems… This has nothing to do with the app itself.

About MIDI FX Pro

Control your MIDI signals and process them in any combination of ways: Harmonize, Transpose, Arpeggiate, etc… Or use the Sequencer to play any external or virtual synth. Use a MIDI interface to unlock the power of the app to control multiple synths with one keyboard, play one note and generate chords, basslines, etc… Use the delay/looper or filter notes based on velocity or other parameters to send to different synths/effects.

A MIDI workstation in your pocket (or your iPad/Mac)

You can also use some internal instruments (drums sampler, piano or synth) if you are away from your MIDI gear, and sequence whole songs inside the app, or use other synth apps as input/output for MIDI FX. Your imagination is the limit!

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