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OSDM Drums By Ugritone Is Less Than Half Price

Ugritone have reduced the price of OSDM Drums to lead than half price, now only $20.00, (usually $49.00).

OSDM Drums gives you access to drum tones of the late 1980’s / early1990’s Death Metal. Florida meets Gothenburg, New York meets Stockholm.

Dry & tight room sound, toms with lots of attack but with lightning-fast decay, snares that snap just right.

Shape it any way you like, enhance it any way you like.

Not sure how a certain Drum Sound was crafted? Kit presets to the rescue! Urigtone spent hours crafting these presets to give you the best possible starting point per genre & style. Flick through and see which style suits your song the best!

Preset list:

  • 2001Deathcore
  • DryDeathMetal
  • GrindDemon
  • ModernDeathMetal
  • Netomb
  • SlowTampa
  • TampaDefault

For more information on OSDM Drums, click here: 

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