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Vocal Tune PRO – New From Davy Wentzler

Davy Wentzler aka eXtream Software Development has released Vocal Tune PRO, a real-time pitch correction effect that’s available as a FREE download (trial version – see below). . An in-app purchase unlocks the full version. The in-app purchase is available at the intro price of $6.99.

After selecting the right key and scale, set the retune amount and retune speed to adjust between a natural effect or a more processed/robotic effect as can be heard in modern productions. To bring some life back to heavily auto tuned melodies, you can add artificial vibrato with settings for the vibrato depth, rate, time between the start of a note and the onset of vibrato and the time it takes for the vibrato to reach full depth.

Vocal Tune PRO comes as an Audio Unit plug-in and must be run inside a host app such as Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Auria Pro, Cubasis, etc. supporting AU Music Effects (audio effects + MIDI). Although you can run it stand-alone as a real-time effect with mic input, it’s best to use it within host software.

The free version has a 3-day trial. During this trial, silence will be played occasionally.

Also have a look at the vocal pitch and time editor inside Audio Evolution Mobile Studio!

For more information on Vocal Tune PRO, click here: 

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