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Overloud Release The TH-U Rob Balducc Collection

Overloud have released the TH-U Rob Balducc Collection, the signature collection of the Instrumental Rock virtuoso Rob Balducci which includes amp, cab, FX models and backing tracks. It’s available at the intro price of $/€59.00, increasing to $/€99.00 after the promotion. For TH-U Premium owners $/€39.00 / $/€39, increasing to $/€59.00. The offers end January 26th. Get TH-U Rob Balducci for desktop and extend its license to iOS for just $1.00.

The TH-U Rob Balducci Pack is an all-in-one guitar plugin suite developed with the Instrumental Rock virtuoso guitarist Rob Balducci. Rob’s go-to pedal, amplifier and cabinet setups, as well as the backing tracks of his most famous songs, are included in this TH-U Pack.

The TH-U Rob Balducci is both a TH-U expansion pack and a standalone product, meaning that it can expand the model list of an existing TH-U installation, or it can also be purchased as self-contained pack which includes all the TH-U editing features, including the Rig Player, the Amp Tweaks, the Tuner and the Looper, with no need to have a pre-existing TH-U license.

What’s included:

  • The exclusive Libra head and its matched cabinet
  • 8 Amps + 8 Cabs captured from his favorite setups
  • 2 exclusive distortion pedals: X-AC and X-BB1
  • 2 backing tracks of his most famous hits
  • 20 Presets with the tones used in his songs
  • … in addition to 1 Amp, 2 Cabs and 17 effects including overdrive, compressor, delay and modulation pedals and racks (see the full list HERE

For more information the TH-U Rob Balducc collection, click here: 

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