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VSTBuzz Offer 95% Off The Analog Legends Bundle By Noise Art

VSTBuzz are offering a whopping 95% off the Analog Legends Bundle by Noise Art for a limited time, available for only €19.00, (usually €373.00). The offer ends January 24th.

The Analog Legends bundle contains everything you need to take your productions to the next level!

What’s included:

  • Dirty-Tape VST/AU – extreme Tape Emulation plugin
  • Aqua Verb VST/AU – a high quality library of Analog Reverbs
  • Mojo VST/AU Analog Tone Box – virtual Hardware Emulation and Tone Box


Dirty-Tape isn’t your uncle’s tape plugin, there is nothing subtle about it.

75 Decks and 261 presets paired with emulation blending, harmonics dial, 6 different noise types, tape push, analog saturation and fully variable hi and low tone adjustments you can dial in anything from a touch of analog butter to full on magnetic chaos.

Dirty-Tape is not a tape emulation plugin it is a full on audio time machine.

Features include:

  • Endless and Far from Subtle Sound Shaping
  • 75 Hardware reel-to-reel decks, cassettes and more available within
  • 236 Presets out of the box ranging from subtle analog butter to full on magnet driven chaos
  • Fully variable odd and even harmonics blending per deck emulation
  • 6 Noise types to blend to taste from clean reels to cassette noise and vhs anamolies
  • Tape PUSH effect naturally compresses incoming audio if desired
  • Tasty Analog Style Limiter at the end of the chain to tame the madness you may create before output
  • Full Sweepable High and Low frequency tilt adjustments allow you fully customize the tone of each emulation
  • Analog based wave shaping can be blended to taste to further customize to output of the plugin 😉
  • Dirty-Tape is a full blown audio time machine. Imperfection is beauty.

Aqua Verb

Aqua Verb raises the standard of what to expect from your reverb plugin. Truly the definition of an endless echo with 1,929 reverb patches derived from the most sought after hardware reverb units known to man.

In addition to having the largest and most high quality library of reverbs of all types, the features and intuitive application truly sets it apart.

Features include:

  • 1,929 Reverb Patches of all types…anything you can imagine
  • The Most Comprehensive and Highest Quality Reverb Plugin to date
  • Infinitely flexible with Built-In 3-Band EQ, Panning and Stereo Width for Wet and Dry
  • Reverb LOCK feature gives you the ability to lock in your wet and dry blend while changing patches
  • EVERY PATCH from EVERY sought after hardware reverb unit ever made
  • Simple, clean and intuitive GUI with no buried menus for quick real world adjustments
  • Every single knob on the GUI can be controlled and automated via simple right click and learn
  • Reverb search feature based on type or source
  • Browse by hardware type, reverb type or source type
  • Extremely Low CPU usage, stack hundreds if you want without a hiccup 

Mojo Analog Tone Box

Mojo is a Virtual Hardware Emulation and Tone Box four years in the making. Utilizing the same technology as similar products but with far more flexibility and hardware emulations.

Using complex dynamic convolution and harmonics algorithms we are able to offer some of the magical analog sound that is a result of simply passing audio through some of the best audio gear of all time.

Legendary mixing consoles, preamps, eqs, compressors and even things like shortwave radios and vacuum tubes. All have been carefully captured and programmed to capture the magic of each of these pieces of hardware.

Throw a silver tube pre on your main vocal, a seventy three over your drum buss, a legendary console on each track, the possibilities are endless. But beyond the initial tone being imparted by the models your can blend, drive and customize the tone of each instance to your liking.

Every similar product ever made offers 3 maybe 5 hardware models to choose from, and with limited parameters and tone variations. Mojo offers 236 different hardware models and an almost endless variety of tonal varieties with drive, blend and tone adjustment with more models added with each update!

So what are you waiting for grab a copy and start adding MOJO to your tracks today.

Features include:

  • 236 different hardware models featuring consoles, preamps, vacuum tubes & more
  • Blend the character of each device to taste to dial in the perfect tone
  • Fully variable odd and even harmonics blending are as subtle or extreme as you desire
  • High and Low frequency tilt adjustment to further customize the hardware model
  • Ability to recreate the tones of anything from the cleanest solid state gear to extreme tube madness
  • Simple, clean and intuitive GUI with no buried menus for quick real world adjustments
  • Every single knob on the GUI can be controlled and automated via simple right click and learn
  • Extremely Low CPU usage, stack hundreds if you want without a hiccup

The Analog Legends Bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU).

For more information on the Analog Legends Bundle, click here: 

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