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Acustica Release ACQUA – Frost Channel Strip

Acustica have released ACQUA – Frost, a British styled channel strip from their Acqua series. It’s available for €139.00.

Frost is one of Acustica’s most versatile and creative plugins, able to take on just about any job, made up of different precious tools  used and appreciated from  world wide Pro Audio engineers and carefully selected by Acustica to create the ultimate all-in-one channel strip. This Channel strip is made up of three processing modules, an EQ section (1), a Dynamic section (2) and Pre/Clipper/Saturator section (3). All of them hold up on their own, but all together they make sparks!

This plugin is so precisely controllable and so versatile, and its sonic character so configurable, that its use really isn’t limited to specific genres and tasks. Ranging from ultra-clean to warm and musical, aggressive to chilled out, it’s all about supporting your choices and needs.

Frost aims to become your inseparable ‘British-style’ channel strip, providing all the basic processing – equalisation (static and dynamic), compression, pre-amplification, saturation and a clipper – in one single, easy-to-manage product, all done to work 360 degrees effectively and organically.

This innovative and versatile plugin will allow you to manage different scenarios, regardless of the musical genre you are working with. It will allow you to better manage your sounds by making them ‘marry’ in a beautiful and cohesive way, creating that much sought-after ‘glue’. But it can also be a great tool for sculpting vocals and solo instruments, giving them considerable energy thanks to its preamplification/saturation section, or for widening the stereo panorama by giving it more three-dimensionality thanks to its EQ section.

Features include:

  • Hyper technology.
  • Hyper ‘Glue’ Compressor plus two Brickwall limiters.
  • Hyper ‘British-style’ 4-band EQ plus HP-LP filters.
  • Hyper Dynamic EQ mode.
  • Hyper Saturation, Preamp, Clipper.
  • 3 modes of operation – Classic Stereo (LR), Mid or Side.
  • External Sidechain.
  • Top quality product suite with a great, distinctive and imepeccable sound.
  • Oversampling for all sections.
  • Low CPU consumption.

ACQUA – Frost is available to PC and Mac users (VSat2, VSat3, AU and AAX).

For more information on ACQUA – Frost, click here: 

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