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ADSR Release Rage Trap v.1 ADSR Drum Machine Expansion

ADSR have released a new expansion pack for the ADSR Drum Machine. Rage Trap is available $19.00.

Set your drum section to dominate with Rage Trap v.1 for ADSR Drum Machine. Designed and programmed for Trap, Hip Hop and even Hyper Pop beat makers who are forging new directions. This is where flint meets stone with an impact that will ignite your beats.

Created by ADSR’s in house sound team, Rage Trap v.1 calibrates ADSR Drum Machine for rhythmic supremacy. Featuring 10 deep and diverse drum kits that explore the current and future potential of Rage as well as genres like plugg, digicore and beyond. Each kit will have you buzzing as it makes use of Drum Machine’s 16 pad layout with a sample mapped and a raging beat programmed and ready to go for each one.

The foundation of Rage Trap v.1 is an extensive collection of premium samples including energetic hats, aggressive bass, digitized percs, memorable kicks, and more. We push the limit with plenty of creative melodic and percussive details before setting fire to the lot with patterns programmed to make the most of Drum Machine’s advanced rhythmic and processing features from future bass inspired progressions to buzzing bangers to straight up stomping beats.

With 16 samples forming 16 patterns per kit, the result is an inspiring, and above all, highly usable collection of beats that you can drop straight into your tracks as is and/or use as a next level starting point to get your creativity rolling – fast! Tweak the groove or mess around with different samples – you can choose from the 160 we’ve included, go digging in Drum Machine’s factory samples or load up your own library and roll the dice for added inspiration.

Drive your productions with the perfect rhythm and let the beats flow with Rage Trap v.1 for ADSR Drum Machine.

What’s included:

  • 10 fully programmed Drum Kits
  • Each Kit includes 16 samples mapped to a pad
  • Each pad processed and programmed with a 4-16 bar pattern
  • Samples & Patterns provided are Royalty Free for use in your musical productions
  • 160 unique patterns total
  • 160 samples total
  • 81.6 MB

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