GPU Audio Launch An IR Creation Competition – Over $6k Of Prizes Up For Grabs

GPU Audio have launched an IR Creation Competition with over $6,000 in prizes awarded for the most creative and innovative use of Impulse Responses.

Have you ever tried making your own IR? It may sound complex, but it’s actually really easy! Impulse Responses can be taken from software and hardware processing chains in the comfort of your DAW using free software, as well as real world spaces. No need to risk your life taking expensive equipment down a nearby well or abandoned mine shaft to participate!

An ‘Impulse Response’ is an audio file which contains the sonic characteristics of an acoustic space (e.g. a church, a cave, or a library), music equipment (e.g. guitar pedals, audio effects) or playback system (e.g. vintage amplifiers). This file is created by playing a sine wave sweep through the frequency range from low to high, while recording how the space or equipment responds to the various frequencies.

Using dedicated software (see below) an IR can be created by computing the original sine wave sweep against the recording made while playing it back. The outputted wave file can then be saved and used as an impulse response in all kinds of Convolution programs including the GPU Audio FIR Convolver. It could be a single effect or an entire processing chain made up of pitch shifting, distortion, delay, modulation or any combination of effects.

The competition is supported by AMD, NVIDIA, Sonible,, BedroomProducerBlog, MusicByLukas and PresentDayRecording – with one Grand Prize winner, two Second Place winners and three runners up sharing the $6,000+ prize pool.

There are 3 steps to enter the competition:
Register an account on
Create an IR using hardware, software or acoustic spaces and upload your IR processing �the sounds from the Asset Pack to YouTube with the hashtag #GPUAudioIR
Send your IR, a description of how it was made and your YouTube video link.

We recommend Windows users use Voxengo Deconvolver while Mac users can use MLSTool from WaveArts to create IRs.

Once you’ve created an IR, you’ll need to process the sounds from the GPU Audio’s Asset Pack to show off your work on YouTube! A collection of the best IRs submitted for the competition will be made available for free once competition has ended.

Prizes include a 3XS Scan Music Production Laptop, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti or 3080 GPU, AMD Radeon™ PRO W6600, the Sonible smart:bundle, Flame Sound Inferno SFX, Music by Lukas Planner Bundle and a track Mastered by Present Day Production.

The closing date is the February 23rd 2023.

For more information and to enter the competion, click here: 

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