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Solaria SRL Release Spectrogram – FREE To Download

Solaria SRL have released their 3rd app in little over a week. Spectrogram is a visual representation of the frequency spectrum of a signal, such as an audio signal. It’s available as a FREE download.

n the context of an AUv3, a spectrogram would be a visual representation of the frequency spectrum of the audio signal being processed by the AUv3 plug-in.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as analyzing audio for music production, speech analysis, or noise reduction.

Is compatible with all the Host apps that support Audio Unit like Garage Band, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Fl Sudio and much more.

It syncs with your host app so that the waveforms will be in sync per beats or fractions.

Built on Metal Framework use the GPU to render the waveform so is super light on CPU for processing audio.

Spectrogram is available to desktop and iOS users (support for Audio Units).

For more information on Spectrogram, click here: 

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