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Get The New Lindell Audio MBC for FREE With The Purchase Of The SBC

Plugin Alliance have released the Lindell Audio MBC Compressor, a multi-band version of the SBC compressor. The MBC is currently available for FREE (value $299.00) when you purchase the Lindell Audio SBC compressor, currently $29.00, (usually $299.00). After purchasing the SBC, log into your account and add the MBC to your cart, it will be automatically reduced to $0.00. The offer ends February 16th.

More about the MBC

The Lindell Audio MBC is a faithful emulation of the classic API analog bus compressor, now with three frequency-dependent bands.

With the release of the SBC, Lindell Audio provided an exacting emulation of the original API® 2500 compressor—one of the most popular stereo bus compressors of all time. Now, the new MBC brings this iconic analog bus compressor to the multiband domain.

Transparent yet assertive, smooth yet punchy, this style of VCA compressor is a perennial favorite on mix bus, drums, vocals, bass, and any source that demands aggressive compression without compromising on tone. Now with three independent bands for separate compression of lows, mids and highs, the MBC solves even more problems and opens up more possibilities than its predecessors.

Just like the single-band version, the MBC is a must-have on the mix bus. But with its multiple bands, it does so much more: Use it to split process your bass, getting tight, well-controlled lows without over-compressing your mids. Add some control to the midrange of your drums without adding artifacts to your cymbals or weakening your kick drum. Give vocals plenty of squeeze without undue sibilance, and much more.

The MBC is full of features for adjusting the color of your compression, like Lindell’s added “NUKE” button for extra crush on drum tracks and vocal performances. A special sidechain filter circuit applies optional low cut and high boost to the compressor’s detector. You can even select between “feedforward” and “feedback” operation, or decide exactly how much the left and right channels should interact with each other.

In addition to being perfect for regular mixing, the multiband characteristics of the MBC make it even better suited to mastering applications and working from stems. When you are looking to solve problems and reshape sounds while adding some upfront and assertive character, the MBC has your back.

Features include:

  • Faithful emulation of the API® 2500 compressor and 2520 Op Amp with three compressor bands: Low, Mid and High 
  • Flexible crossover selection for custom tailoring your frequency bands
  • A suite of useful presets for all major applications and instrument groups
  • Full variable wet/dry Mix knob 
  • Unique filter section provides the option of low cut and high boost for precisely targeted compression
  • Variable link between left and right channels
  • Select older “feed back” or more modern “feed forward” compression
  • Added “NUKE” option for even more aggressive compression
  • Selectable ratio, attack and release times
  • Soft, medium or hard knee for gentler or sharper compression tones
  • Auto and manual gain make up

The Lindell Audio MBC is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the MBC, click here:

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