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Jens Guell Releases JAX MIDI Jinny PRO

Jens Guell has released JAX MIDI Jinny PRO, an app that allows you to create an unlimited number of short unique music arrangement ideas for instant music production inspiration. JAX Jinny PRO available at the intro price of $5.99 for 2 weeks.

JAX MIDI Jinny PRO – with its cute mascot allows you to instantly create an unlimited number of short unique music arrangement ideas, which can be used as a starting point for your upcoming music productions. This document browser based app will generate standard MIDI files (type 1) and seamlessly integrate into the operating system for managing the created and other MIDI files. Generate, copy, move the idea files for further editing to your favourite sequencing apps and develop new exciting music compositions out of it.

JAX MIDI Jinny PRO is Jens’ first tool of a new document based MIDI app collection.

With JAX MIDI Jinny PRO you can:

  • Instantly generate an unlimited number of new unique arrangement ideas in the form of standard MIDI files
  • Prelisten the generated ideas and generate alternatives, if it does not fit your taste
  • Prepare instant content basement for all 3rd party MIDI file supporting editors and sequencer apps
  • Manage and listen to your collected MIDI documents with its native OS browser integration
  • Load, display and play available shared MIDI files, that are supported by the operating system
  • Manage your MIDI files with standard file operations, like copy, paste, moving, zipping, deleting and so on …
  • Assigning labels, creating folders, renaming available MIDI files …
  • Using native drag and drop and sharing file operations, even into other apps, which actively support drag and drop of files
  • Manage cloud and external file storage with MIDI collections in a central place
  • Build up a library of multi channel (timbre) MIDI patterns for your music production

JAX MIDI Jinny PRO is available to MacOS (Catalyst), MacOS (Silicon), iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad).

For more information on JAX MIDI Jinny PRO, click here:

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