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Loot Audio Offer SP Alhambra For FREE – Limited Time

Loot Audio are offering SP Alhambra, a flamenco guitar as a FREE for a limited time.

SP Alhambra is SoundProps’ first take on a flamenco guitar. Its sound is a little different than a classic guitar, as its body is thinner, and is loaded with nylon strings specially made for flamenco style.

The instrument was chromatically sampled note by note up to 6 velocity layers. Sampled in 24bit 44.1KHz

Features include:

  • Guitar Volume and Tone pots
  • Convolution reverb FX
  • Articulation matrix fully customizable
  • Keyswitches and momentary keyswitches
  • Solo mode
  • Power Chords mode
  • Chord recognition mode
  • Direct chords mode
  • Chord recognition
  • Actual guitar chords
  • Chord variations
  • Strumming and repetition keys
  • Strum speed control
  • Arpeggio keys
  • Emulated legato transitions
  • Extended round robin system
  • 12 string guitar emulation
  • Volume control for articulations, FX, and noises
  • Dynamics control
  • Pith bend range controls
  • Vibrato Control
  • MIDI automatable controls

The articulations list:

  • Sustained notes
  • Legato
  • Palm mutes
  • X-Mutes
  • Slide up
  • Slide down FX
  • Body hits
  • Release noises
  • Squeak noises
  • Pick noises

SP Alhambra requires a full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or later.

For more information on SP Alhambra, click here:

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