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Crushed Kalimba & Kalimba De Luxe – 2 New KLANGs From Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments have release 2 new KLANGs to add to their ever-growing range of KLANG instruments. Crushed Kalimba and Kalimba De Luxe are each available for €8.00.

Crushed Kalimba

It’s like hearing a campfire and a kalimba at the same time: warm crackling and organic noise – and it all came from the tubes of an old tape echo, from vintage artefacts and defective hi-fi equipment.

The basic sound of all this gloriousness comes from the coconut kalimba, borrowed from the big kalimba collection of Cinematique Instruments’ big brother.

Kalimba De Luxe

This is a small but fine essence with only one Kalimba of its big brother. Cinematique Instruments stole the noble Sunflower Kalimba and packed it into this beautiful KLANG instrument and added a few fine effects.

With tape echoes, slow attack, soft sound and chorus you have enough possibilities to get an inspiring kalimba.

Both require a full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later.

More on the KLANG series

KLANG is a series of small instruments that tries to take a different approach in the creation of sounds. KLANG represents exactly how Cinematique Instruments see music and represents how important the individual sound and its aesthetics are to music. So you can find all kinds of strange instruments, sometimes experiments or theoretical musical concepts, but all with the goal of taking and inspiring our users along their way.

Because of the enormous success of KLANG, Cinematique Instruments have established KLANG as an independent brand. There are now many different variations – all for the KONTAKT. Since 2023 KLANG has a new contemporary face

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