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The Model 72 Synth Is Now Half Price + Other Softube Deals

Plugin Boutique are offering 50% off the Model 72 synthesizer by Softube for a limited time, now only £69.37 / $85.82, (usually £139.64 / $172.75). There are deals on other Softube plugins too with up to 67% off. The offers end January 31st.

The Model 72 synthesizer is based on a classic analogue monophonic synth from the early ’70s, with the emphasis on sound quality. It’s a component-modelled marvel that’s true to its era with actual use cases and tricks correctly replicated in the software to take you to funkytown. An entire system that includes a model of the original instrument, an FX version, an Amp Room module, and seven Modular modules.

Imagine traveling in time to the early ’70s, an era where new and experimental sounds were shaping pop music and taking it a step further. Softube’s Model 72 Synthesizer System is your vintage synth time machine. It’s component modelled down to the smallest details from a 1972 hardware unit in pristine condition with all the quirks and non-linearities intact, hence the name Model 72.

The result is incredibly authentic sound, with all the warmth and smoothness heard in countless records. Now imagine this classic has traveled into the future to pick up some contemporary features, like doubling and stereo spread, and evolve into a full system with multiple versions for different applications. Wish you were here? Take the Autobahn.

Designed by Experts, Built on Legacy

Softube has a long history of modelling professional gear. After nearly two decades working in collaboration with premium pro audio brands like Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, Weiss Engineering, and Trident, Softube have a solid track record recreating indisputable classics in software form that sound precisely like their hardware counterparts. This includes expertise in synthesizer plug-ins like Modular, Statement Lead, and Monoment Bass.

Sound Quality: Softube’s First Priority

The Model 72 Synthesizer System’s plug-ins and modules are in a class of their own compared with similar software when it comes to sound quality.

Just Like the Original Hardware

Model 72 was created with the same meticulous and accurate component modelling process you’ve come to expect from Softube’s mixing and mastering plugins.

Vintage Sound in Different Applications

It has the perfect vintage mojo and includes four versions that can be used in many different applications – as an instrument, as effects, in Modular, and in Amp Room.

A Revolutionary Monophonic Synth

Model 72 is based on a fully modelled vintage monophonic synthesizer that has been a true legend in music instrument history since its introduction in 1970. Affordable, easy to use, and small enough to carry around to studios and gigs, it was the first synthesizer designed for and accessible to musicians and became the archetype for all synthesizers that followed. The sounds it produces can be warm, lush, and luxurious or fat, distorted, and gnarly but not at all ear-piercing.

Modelled from a Pristine Hardware Unit From 1972

The software components of Model 72 were measured and matched down to the smallest details from the original hardware, keeping all of its quirks and non-linearities intact. For example, one trick that’s commonly used on the hardware version is connecting a cable from the high-gain output to the external input of the unit to create a roaring, raw, and exciting feedback tone heard on countless records. Obviously, Softube had to add this feature to the Model 72 Instrument plugin.

A Classic Synth with Modern Features

Softube updated this legendary synth with some new features, too. An expansion panel lets you tweak some of the finer details of the oscillator behavior as well as some performance aspects of the synth. The doubling feature adds the effect of having the notes that are played doubled by another Model 72, and the spread feature sets how much this doubling will spread out in the stereo field. These improvements allow you to do even more than you could with the original hardware.

Features include:

  • An entire system based on a classic analogue monophonic synth from the early 1970s with the emphasis on sound quality.
  • Era correct: component-modelled to perfection, with all the quirks and non-linearities intact – it sounds and behaves just like its original hardware counterpart.
  • Actual use cases and tricks of the hardware correctly replicated in the software.
  • Four versions included: Model 72 Instrument, Model 72 FX, Model 72 module for Softube Amp Room, and seven Model 72 modules for Softube Modular. Learn more about Softube Amp Room and Softube Modular.
  • Create combinations in Modular never possible before in real life or in the world of software.
  • Software-exclusive features added: doubler, stereo spread effect, and expanded controls.

The Model 72 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) andnrequires an iLok account).

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