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Solaria SRL Release Goniometer AUv3 – FREE!!

Solaria SRL have recently released several apps as free downloads, Goniometer, an app that analyzes the stereo image of a sound recording joins those as it’s also available as a FREE download.

Goniometer typically allows the user to switch between mid-side (MS) and left-right (LR) channels, and can display the relative levels and phase relationships between them.

The mid channel represents the mono sum of the left and right channels, while the side channel represents the difference between them. This allows for precise adjustments to the stereo width and balance of a mix, as well as the ability to convert between MS and LR formats.

Is compatible with all the Host apps that support Audio Unit like Garage Band, Auria, AOM, Cubasis and much more.

It syncs with your host app so that the waveforms will be in sync per beats or fractions.

Built on Metal Framework use the GPU to render the waveform so is super light on CPU for processing audio.

For more information on Goniometer AUv3, click here:

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