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SoundGhost Release Scatter – Granular Cloud Creation

SoundGhost have releases Scatter, a plugin that’s designed for creating scattered soundscapes from incoming audio by forming small looping segments known as ‘grains’.. It’s available at the intro price of £39.00, increasing to £49.00 after the promotion.

Combine up to 64 grains to create smooth shimmer reverbs or select a smaller number to create sporadic randomised patterns. spread the pitches of the grains over 4 octaves, lock them to individual pitches or add randomisation, then send them through an enormous ‘space’ reverb. scatter your sound through time and space.

Features include:

  • Generate up to 64 grains with size, pitch and shape controls plus an additional ‘space’ reverb
  • 5 pitch transposition modes – chromatic, octaves, fifths, minor and major with optional randomisation
  • Freeze the audio buffer for an endless soundscape
  • Reverse grain playback to create reversed textures
  • Feedback control for feeding the grains back into the audio buffer for longer decay times
  • MIDI control and automation supported
  • Plugin window resize functionality 

Watch a demo HERE.

Scatter is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Scatter, click here:

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