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Audio Assault Release Ultimate Mix Bundle

Audio Assault have released the Ultimate Mix Bundle, a package comprising 5 plugins and includes the recently released Echo Vibe and Echo Verb. The Ultimate Mix Bundle is available for $39.99.

What’s included:

  • Echo Verb – Algorithmic Reverb
  • Echo Vibe – Digital Delay
  • Head Crusher – Analog inspired saturator
  • AA-551 – Channel Strip inspired by a classic console
  • iQ505 – Asymmetric Equalizer

Echo Verb

EchoVerb offers a unique character to your sound that a real room reverb or convolution reverb cannot match. With EchoVerb, you can add your own personal touch to your sound, making it stand out in a mix.

Whether you’re a music producer, sound designer, or a film mixer, EchoVerb is the perfect tool to add depth and dimension to your sound.

Echo Vibe

Audio Assault’s mission for Echo Vibe was to create a delay effect that would ignite the creative spark within musicians and producers, allowing them to explore and experiment with their sound without getting bogged down by too many choices or complicated controls.

They wanted to create a tool that was intuitive and easy to use, yet still packed with powerful features that would inspire and empower musicians to take their sound to the next level. We believe that Echo Vibe has achieved this balance, offering a wealth of options and controls without overwhelming the user, and giving them the freedom to focus on what really matters – their music.

Head Crusher

Head Crusher is an analog modeled saturator, based on 4 different pieces of classic hardware. Head Crusher is perfect for giving more “oomph” to any source you feed it, use it to make a bass line cut through small speakers, make your drum bus sound much more powerful, or simply use it to destroy anything to taste.


If you’re looking for a top-quality channel strip that will give your audio recordings the professional edge they deserve, look no further than Audio Assault’s AA-551! This strip provides everything you need to get the most out of your recording, including Preamp, EQ, Compressor, and more.

With its superior sound quality and easy-to-use controls, the AA-551 is the perfect choice for anyone serious about taking their audio recordings to the next level.


IQ 505 is a versatile 5 band EQ designed from the ground up to be gentle yet effective. Emulating the interactivity between bands often associated with passive eq’s, and the asymmetrical curves of classic console eq’s.

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