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Jens Guell Releases JAX CHROMATIC : Compander

Jens Guell has released the JAX CHROMATIC : Compander, a 32 band, chromatically tuned filter bank for doing advanced spectral dynamics audio processing in realtime. It’s available for $6.99.

The JAX Chromatic Compander is an advanced real-time spectral dynamics processor, which splits the audio stream internally into 32 separate, stereophonic, chromatically tuned frequency bands. The parallel bandpass filter bank consists of fast response analog fiter models, producing natural fading sound with no latency. Chromatic means, that each bandpass is adjusted to cover 4 halftones in a musical scale (analog a classic 3rd octave). In difference to a ‘Bark’ filter, the chromatic bandpass filters are mapped consequently to the musical scale thru the entire frequency range.

A bi-directional stereophonic dynamics processor, based on the compander (a combination of an expander and a compressor), is attached to each of the 32 frequency bands and will perform spectral dynamics modification in time with specified attack and release values.

The JAX Chromatic Compander can be seen as a unique spectral enhancer, that is able to drastically improve the perception and presence of sound, especially removing all mud. It is mainly recommended to be used as a mastering processor, psycho acoustic loudnes maximizer and creative mixing tool for any kind of wideband audio signals (i.e. complete mixes and all sonically rich audio materials).

We use vector processing CPU registers on all supported platforms for keeping the performance as good as possible. There are in sum 64 filters, 64 companders and 64 input- and output mixers performing in parallel thousands of instructions for each single audio sample of the continuous input stream.

Usage, on the other side is extremely simple. All parameters are adjusted with ease by just moving fingers over the touchsreen. There is one macro knob for adjusting the compression/expansion amount. We spared out all complicated editing with numerical input and such, making JAX Chromatic Compander a joy to use.

Watch it in action HERE.

The latest builds of the apps are truly ‘universal’, meaning, the AudioUnit is available on:

  • MacOS (Catalyst Intel)
  • MacOS (Silicon M1/M2…)
  • iOS (iPhone)
  • iPadOS (iPads)

For more information on the JAX CHROMATIC : Compander, click here:

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