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Secret Base Design Release MIDImorphosis 2 Tune+Tone+Tab

Secret Base Design have released MIDImorphosis 2, a fast and accurate pitch detection turns your guitar into a MIDI synthesizer controller. It’s available at the intro price of $4.99, increasing to $9.99 on February 28th.

Innovative frequency displays show you *why* a guitar sounds the way it does.

Many musicians use simple tuner apps on their phones to tune their instruments — they’re convenient, accurate, but often slow to detect the correct pitch. MIDImorphosis uses an advanced Fast Fourier Transform, coupled with noise filtering and harmonic sequence analysis, to detect the pitch of any note quickly and accurately. The fast pitch detection allows the app to generate MIDI notes to control synthesizers, so that you can use an ordinary guitar as a MIDI controller. With an amplifier simulator app and a synth app, you can mix the sound of your guitar with the synthesizers to create any tone you like.

The app includes a full featured tablature editor; use your guitar or bass to jot down the notes from a solo you’re figuring out, or a riff you came up with. You can keep your hands on the instrument and just play, instead of searching for a pencil and paper.

MIDImorphosis can also help you understand and sculpt the tone of your guitars. Guitar strings vibrate at a base frequency (the “pitch” of a note), as well as multiples of that base frequency. The “tone” of a guitar is determined by all of the harmonic frequencies; the new ToneScope display shows you which frequencies are present, and which are missing. Get rid of wishy-washy terms like “bright,” “warm,” and “muddy.” The harmonic analysis of MIDImorphosis will show you exactly what’s going on, with mathematics and science.

Why does a Tele sound like a Tele? The neck pickup is at 1/4 of the scale length, resulting in a “dead spot” for the 4th harmonic frequency. Fret the string at the 5th, and then the neck pickup is at 1/3 of the scale length, resulting in a “dead spot” for the 3rd harmonic. You use a tuner to get the guitar in tune. Use the ToneScope to adjust pickup heights, and shape the tone of your guitar.

With any pitch-to-MIDI system, there is a bit of latency, and some glitches in the note detection. To get a perfectly timed take, with rapid fire notes, transcribe by playing slowly and cleanly, then clean up any errors with the tab editor. MIDImorphosis features an innovative tap-to-play approach, which can play back the notes in your tab as fast as you can tap the on-screen button. Unlike conventional guitar MIDI controllers, where you’re limited to soft ambient pads to back your notes — you can use the playback feature to get precisely timed notes with sharp attacks.

MIDImorphosis has full MIDI support; you can use the app as a MIDI controller. There’s also a built-in SoundFont synthesizer, with hundreds of tones to choose from.

The app will export to PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML. You can import your transcriptions into Logic Pro, Reaper, GuitarPro, and hundreds of other DAWs and sequencers.

Watch the developer’s overview HERE.

MIDImorphosis 2 is available for iPhone and iPad users.

For more information on MIDImorphosis 2, click here:

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