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Vicious Antelope Release Broken – A FREE Omnisphere 2 Pack

Vicious Antelope have released Broken, a pack containing patches for Omnisphere 2, available as a FREE download.

Broken for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 synth contains 24 patches based on custom presets / Soundsources. Those 24 synth keys fit in genres like rock, electronic, cinematic and other. 

Most of them are sounding pretty much experimental and they could help to add some interesting soundcolors in your productions. The custom Soundsources in this soundbank are not designed to loop themselves when being played so only one cycle of the sample would be heard when the keys are pressed. 

Some of them have a very calm character like “A Nice Journey” patch or the “Calm Down” preset. The latter is carrying a 90s ballad vibe within its timbre. “Fuzzy Stoner” is a fuzzy sound (driven through a fuzz pedal and an amp) for a dirtier sound. 

For the “Moving On Dirt” preset you could disable the FBK TONE in the second page of the delay device for a clearer and softer tail in the sound. 

For many presets there is no the classic way of effect chaining. Sometimes the delay or the reverb comes before the modulation effect or sometimes a saturated filter comes after the amp. The reason for that is to experiment more with the sound that comes out. 

For almost all presets the MW adds vibrato and Aftertouch add Ring Modulation to the sound for adding interesting stuff. As most patches have a plucky character those 2 things may be sound very subtle but they play their part in the resulting sound. The soundbank comes with 5 custom Soundsources created in our “sound laboratories”. 

View the preset walkthrough video HERE.  

Patches were created with Omnisphere 2.8 and run best with this or newer edition

  • Software 2.8.5c
  • Soundsources v2.6.1c
  • Patches v2.8.1c

For more information and to download Broken, click here:

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