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Wave Alchemy Release Glow

Wave Alchemy have released Glow, a reverb that’s inspired by the most iconic reverb of the 80s, and quite possibly of all time! Glow is available at the intro price of £44.00, increasing to £59.00 after the promotion.

In 1981 a reverb was released that would go on to define the sound of the decade and redefine reverb itself. When you think of punchy gated drums, lush ambient synths, and the ethereal, atmospheric vocals of the 1980’s – you’re thinking about the RMX. A truly iconic reverb heard on countless hit records.

Brought back to life and taken even further with advanced DSP and modern workflow enhancements, Glow instantly transports you to the 80s.

Dial in the exact sound of the original hardware or take this legendary sound into the 21st century with creative reverb dynamics and modulation. Glow allows you to get great sounds quickly with its clear and concise interface.

Glow was given its name for the distinct and instantly recognizable character it can impart on any sound. Glow is to sound what neon is to colour! Its otherworldly and futuristic reverbs are the perfect complement for synthetic sounds or transforming the ordinary into the unexpected.

The iconic NonLin 2 reverb program, a beast on drums, was meant to emulate the now legendary sound of a gated room, and the Reverse programs can create a three-dimensional space that is both instantly recognizable and like nothing you’ve heard in real life. The vibrant Ambience program can create a near infinite space – perfect for lush synths and atmospheric vocals.

With 14 unique programs ranging from Halls, Plates and Rooms, to the abstract and creative – Glow is an instant ticket to surreal and retro future reverb spaces.

Features include:

  • Hybrid convolution and DSP engine perfectly recreates the iconic RMX reverb
  • 14 Iconic reverb algorithms: Ambience, Room A1, Room B1, Room A0, Hall C1, Hall B3, Hall A1, Plate A1, Plate B1, NonLin 2, Reverse 1, Reverse 2, Image P1, Freeze
  • Take things further with custom DSP for gating, ducking, transient smoothing and flux (stereo spatialization and pitch modulation)
  • Modern mode for tighter bass and extended, punchy frequency response
  • Input, Output and Mix parameter with preset locking for deep control over reverb balancing
  • Phase coherent mono mode
  • Optional tempo-sync pre-delay
  • Four user switchable themes in Classic Black, Radical Pink, Phantom Grey and Studio Blue.
  • Internal preset browser for easily saving and recalling presets among various DAWs
  • Random preset shuffling and selection for instant inspiration
  • Resizable high definition UI
  • Undo and Redo parameter changes

Glow is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Glow, click here:

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