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VSTBuzz Offer 93% Off Grainstates By Rigid Audio

VSTBuzz are offering 93% off Grainstates by Rigid Audio for a limited time, now only €4.00, (usually €59.00). The offer ends February 13th. Use code VST10OFF at the checkout to claim an additional 10% off products in the VSTBuzz 10th Anniversary celebration.

Grainstates is a set of 128 granular morphing textures and soundscapes. It comes with two sequencers and 4x 64 source waveforms within four distinct layers that can be played back randomly.

There is control over granular playback as well as onboard effects like flair, flanger and phaser. In addition to this, each preset in Grainstates comes with three “states” (snapshots) that can be edited and played back in various orders and morphed as you wish.

On top of that you can import your own WAV/AIF files into each Grainstates layer via drag and drop to create your own unique sounds!

Grainstates is a powerful, feature rich plugin filled to the brim with inspiring presets that will give you endless inspiration for your next track.

With its powerful Granular Controls, Layers, Sequencer and Effects, it is easy to create your own unique Soundscapes and FX for multiple music genres, including but not limited to:

  • Cinematic Underscore
  • Trailer Music
  • Video Games
  • Sound Design

Features include:

  • Powerful granular soundscape design
  • 293MB of Content
  • 128 Factory Presets.
  • 3 different states within each factory preset.
  • 4x 64 (256) Source WAV sounds.
  • 4 engines (2x Grain, 1x Wavetable, 1x Timestretching).
  • 2x 64-Step Modulation Tables.
  • Control over Grain Flux, Speed, Detuning, Length and Sample Offset.
  • State-Sequencer with 8 steps and morphing.
  • Preset randomization.
  • Sound randomization.
  • Random source sound selection while playing.
  • Built-in production-quality reverb.
  • Flanger, phaser and Flair effects.
  • User audio file import via drag and drop.
  • Grainstates is fully automatable via MIDI CC

Grainstates requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

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