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SKnote Announce TCH (Total CHannel) Mac Beta Availability

SKnote have announced the availability of the TCH (Total CHannel), a simple and powerful set of tools for mixing. You can currently test the Mac VST3/AU (native) BETA. The VST/AU/AAX-DSP for Windows and Mac OSX systems is on its way. The MSRP is $29.99.

The TCH is a modern concept (no emulation) with direct control on a few basic parameters. Conceived with the aim of being used on tracks or groups in the mixer.


  • High-pass filter.
  • Tilt filter (with Dynamic option).
  • Low-pass filter (with Dynamic option)
  • Harmonics section with direct control on amount and frequency range for 2nd and 3rd harmonic.
  • Envelope control (no thresholds). Tame or enhance the attacks, dry-out or extend the tails/ambience.

The big meter shows the max level (from a mono channel or the max from a stereo channel). Is the reference for the saturation coming from the harmonics generator, when engaged.

An input Gain knob sets the internal working levels and a Volume knob compensates for it, to get a constant output level.

TCH includes three filters:

  • A smooth (6dB/oct) high-pass filter. It is a bit special as it has a resonance peak that increases with the cutoff frequency.
  • A special, extremely handy Tilt filter makes balancing the brightness of the track super easy.
  • The low-pass filter has a smooth shape and covers the “harshness” range, up to 20kHz and beyond.

Tilt and low-pass filters can work in Dynamic mode (by engaging the Dynamic button). When in Dynamic mode, the processing can be a lot more transparent and natural.

TCH includes a special, super-simple Harmonic generator. It is engaged by clicking anywhere in an empty region of its area. Instead of emulating circuits, we have direct control on the amount of 2nd and 3rd harmonic added on top of the signal and how these levels change with frequency. Set the couple of handles for 2nd: their horizontal position describes the frequency range while the vertical position defines the level on that extreme. Same for the 3rd harmonic.

The other unique feature is the Envelope control. No thresholds: just define the amount of attack and release the signal should have. Remove ambient, stretch tails, tame peaks.

An super-useful touch is the “bypass-all” button, that bypasses all the instances in the project at once, to check how they are affecting the mix.

For more information on the TCH, click here:

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