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MPC Samples Release The 1977 Session Kit

MPC Samples and Pad Pimps have released The 1977 Session Kit, an expansion 1977 based on the Premier B304 Elite drum kit. It’s available at the intro price of £22.49, increasing to £29.99 after the promotion.

Pad Pimps are proud to announce our latest acoustic drum kit expansion, the 1977 Session Kit, a virtual session drummer inside your MPC featuring a fully multisampled studio drum kit, ready-to-play ‘snapshot’ kits covering a wide range of musical styles and a MIDI library packed with grooves and fills to give you an instant starting point for any beat!

The 1977 Session kit is built around a stunning 1977 Premier B304 Elite drum kit, with over 45 different articulations recorded with up to 12 velocity layers for the most realistic sounding acoustic kit ever built for the MPC and Akai Force. 

The kit itself comprises of a kick, three toms (13”, 14”, 16”), a ride, crash cymbal, china cymbal, hi hat and shakers/cabasa along with two different snare options (a Ludwig L402 snare and a Ludwig Black Beauty), with each instrument presented with a number of different articulations to capture the different ways each drum can be played. 

Watch the demo video HERE.

Features include:

  • Extensively multisampled 1977 ‘Premier B304 Elite’ drum kit
  • Kit comprises of a kick, two snares, three toms, hi hat, ride, crash, china, shaker & cabasa
  • 45 unique drum articulations arranged into two core kits
  • Up to 12 velocity layers per articulation
  • ‘Velocity Switching’ and ‘Round Robin’ versions included
  • 15 additional ‘snapshots’ featuring FX and program parameters to tailor kits to specific genres
  • Over 120 MIDI grooves and fills
  • Optimized for very fast loading and speedy performance
  • Compatible with any modern standalone MPC running firmware 2.10 or greater (standalone installer provided)
  • Compatible with MPC Software and MPC Beats (2.10+) – XPN installer provided
  • Fully compatible with Akai Force (3.1+)
  • Legacy version of the two core kits provided for MPC1000, 2500, 5000, 500
  • MIDI patterns and kits use same core layout as used in MPC Drummer & Dirty Drummer.

The 1977 Session Kit is fully compatible with any modern standalone MPC running MPC 2.10 or greater, including the MPC One, MPC Live, MPC X and MPC Key. It also fully supports the Akai Force (3.1+), MPC Software and MPC Beats. We’ve also included legacy versions of the two primary kits for the MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC500 and MPC5000.

For more information on The 1977 Session Kit, click here:

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