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Jens Guell Releases JAX Superior Grand Piano

Jens Guell has released JAX Superior Grand Piano, an instrument that features 20 different German style piano models. It’s available at the 50% off intro price of $7.99. The offer ends February 19th.

The JAX Superior, one of the JAX Concert Grand Piano collection pianos is an ECO piano (sound module and audio unit) with a set of selected German style piano models.

The very special here (ECO) is optimisation for mobile devices, because it is using extremely low resources but delivers the same sonic qualities of gigabyte heavy sampled pianos, which mostly are not very well suited for mobile devices due to ther enormous usage of disk space and memory. A JAX Concert grand will merely use around 50 to 100 MB od memory with a selected model.

For the series , Jens Guell developed some advanced features (i.e. simulation of string resonances) and took special care of expressivity without rasterized steps in the velocity, an artefakt you often will hear with sampled pianos, because the sampled velocity layers are usually insufficient for supporting the full dynamic spectrum of a real piano.

The Superior is the very first release of more to come with this series: For instance our set of American Style and Japanese style Grand Concert Pianos, which all have quite differend but well known sound characteristics. There are at least 4 different ground models available with each of the releases plus a set of 16 hybrid models, which are fusions of the ground models and all are selectable with just a touch for any performance. So all in all, there are 20 different timbres for instant selection availble with each of the Concert Grands.

The JAX Concert Grands mainly were created for performing classical music and also come with its own integrated MIDI player, which is able to perform real classical recordings with sample accurate timing precision. Hundereds of such live played performances are included for enjoyment and audition, covering all famous piano componists of the last centuries.

Watch the demo video HERE.

This build is truly ‘universal’ and available for:

  • MacOS (Catalyst)
  • MacOS (Silicon)
  • iOS (iPhone)
  • iPadOS (iPad)

You can also try it first before committing to buying it, use the button below.

For more information on JAX Superior Grand Piano, click here:

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