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Audio Blast Release Mininn Drum – An Ode To The LM-1

Blast Audio have released Mininn Drum, a ‘adaptation’ of the classic Linn Drum by Roger Linn, available for €79.00.

Mininn Drum is a drum machine plugin, an adaptation of the Linn Drum.
We created three different sound ROMs with a selection of different sounds to get a global approach of the famous drum machine. The ROM 1 is a selection closer to the LM-1, the ROM 2 closer to the 9000 Version, and the ROM 3 is a custom adaptation of the 80’s drum sounds.

We also added a custom pad with the possibility to embed an additional drum or bass or any sample in your preset.
You can modify each sound separately, change the tune, the volume and the panoramic.

The Linn LM-1 Drum Computer (conceived by Roger Linn) was the first drum machine to use digital samples of acoustic drums. A lot of artists and bands like Human League, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kraftwerk, Phil Collins, Genesis, Herbie Hancock and a lot of others used this drum machine on their records. Audio Blast adapted these sounds on a new instrument to offer the possibility to get the sounds of these rare drum machines embed in your setup.

Features include:

  • 3 ROMs
  • Global – Adjusts the main volume, the tuning of all the sounds, and the velocity sensivity
  • Tuning – Modify the tune of each sound
  • Mixer – Set volume and panoramic of each sound
  • 16 pads
  • 15 drums, percussion and a custom sample. Right click on pad to create your own MIDI assign
  • Very easy to use

Minnin Drum is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Minnin Drum, click here: 

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