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Banjo V3 By Cinematique Instruments Is On Offer

Plugin Boutique are offering a deal on Banjo v3 by Cinematique Instruments for a limited time, now only £24.95 / $29.97, (usually £35.95 / $43.19). The offer ends February 19th.

Typically, the Banjo is a stringed instrument with four or five strings, a long fretted neck and a circular drum-like body overlaid with parchment – today, drumheads. Its unique sound comes from vibrating the body’s membrane by plucking the strings with the fingers or a plectrum. The Banjo is usually associated with country, folk, classical music, Irish traditional music and bluegrass music.

The Banjo Cinematique have used is a 5 String Banjo with a 33 cm diameter mahogany body. They’ve played and recorded the Banjo in several ways to get the typical banjo sound – each in several velocity layers and 2 Round Robin variations. After editing and processing the samples, they created a banjo patch that provides various Banjo styles, shortened notes feature, an octaver, a reverb knob, and enhanced scripting. They also added the noises of strumming the Banjo to this patch. As a result, they came out with a very realistic and organic Banjo.

Update: In 2015, Cinematique updated the Banjo and put together all separate patches into one complex patch covered by a new GUI. It is now possible to play all different articulations in one patch.

Update: In 2022, Cinematique recorded two new articulations with a new banjo instrument to improve the older version enormously. Now you have a complex and expressive instrument that can play both familiar bluegrass sounds and imposing film score scenes. Finally, they’ve added FX and editing possibilities, an arpeggiator, and a step sequencer in a newer, more intuitive GUI.

Features include:

  • Approximately 200 samples
  • 100 MB of compressed data
  • New articulations, strumming, arpeggiator

Banjo v3 requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

For more information on Banjo v3, click here: 

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