4 New Decent Sampler Packs Including 2 FREE Packs

Decent Sampler has 4 new Packs available to it, 2 of which have FREE versions available to download.

Thyssia by Venus Theory

Thyssia is available at the intro price of $15.00, increasing to $20.00 after the promotion. There’s a FREE version of this pack to download.

This project was created for David’s own personal library, but he decided to release it because he think others will find these sounds very useful as well!

Blending vocals, analog synthesizers, and ‘evolved’ textures, Thyssia is my take on the gritty nostalgic sound of tape perfect for providing a cinematic underbed, a subtle hint of spice, or a layer of organic undulating tape-y movement to your productions.

What’s Inside:

  • 1 DS Library File
  • 20 Layered Patches
  • 10 ‘Evolutions’ Patches With Manipulated Vocal Recordings

ethereal vocals by Anita Tatlow

ethereal vocals is available for $10.00.

Inspired by Anita Tatlow’s upcoming ‘the farthest star’ EP,  ethereal vocals contains vocals processed through effects and pedals – ideal for ambient and experimental soundscapes.

The Void by Black Sparrow Music

The Void is available at the intro price of $15.00, increasing to $25.00 after the promotion. There’s a FREE version of this pack to download.

The library started off with Aaron’s (Black Sparrow Music) Yamaha keyboard, and his Zoom 509 guitar pedal. Once he felt he had reached the limitations of that simple setup, he began adding more guitar pedals, his Behringer Vintager guitar amp, voices of his work colleagues, his wife, as well as various other sounds he managed to capture.

After about 2 months of coming home from his normal job, and immediately working on the preset library, the final result comes through as
rich, dark, and wide textures and drones, which he personally, have always desired to have in his own music.

What’s included:

  • 1 DS Library file
  • 20 Dark Synth/Pad sounds

DSP String Voice Expression by Bela D Media

DSP String Voice Expression is available for $10.00.

Created with a combination of sampling manipulation techniques and advanced scripting, String Voice Expression is a lush and emotional string-based scoring tool. Generated solely by voice samples, a very unique virtual instrument becomes a powerful sketch pad for the working composer.

What’s included:

  • 2 octave total
  • 1 octave vocal
  • 24 bit audio
  • Church ambient
  • 25 wav files

For more information on the new packs and to download Decent Sampler, click here:

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