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Home Grown Sounds Update Kit Creator – Still On Offer

Home Grown Sounds have updated Kit Creator with some new features. It’s still available for only $29.99, increasing to $39.99 upon the release of version 1. Home Grown Sounds also have a site-wide sale.

What’s new:

  • Choke/Mute Groups
  • Much simplified system, most formats now export to a single Multi-Format folder & if the samples are copied this folder becomes completely portable with presets using relative paths to the samples
  • Export Support for MPC, Ableton Drum Rack, Speedrum, TAL-Sampler, TAL-Drum, Impact XT, SampleOne XT, SFZ, Sitala, TX16Wx, Octatrack & CUE sliced WAVs
  • Simple MPC Previews in Ogg Vorbis format
  • Folder options for Reverse, One-Shot, Semitone Offset all with random modes.
  • Support for up to 128 Pads per kit for exports that support it.
  • Conversion Mode
  • Edit Mode
  • Template System – Use your own presets as a basis for grafting the Kit Creator generated parameters to, there’s a cycle mode as well as random mode for selecting them

About Kit Creator

Kit Creator is a program for Windows/Mac that automatically generates Sample Kits of 128 samples for various Drum Samplers/Samplers. It can also do basic conversion between many of the supported formats. You can drag & drop up to 16 Directories that contain samples and assign them as sample sources for each Pad. As well as assigning samples, parameters can also be randomised with definable min/max ranges. Volume, Pan and Release Time are supported.

Features include:

  • SOURCE – Up to 16 recursively scanned Folders can be added via drag & drop and each assigned to any Pads.
  • TEMPLATES –  Add as many existing presets to use as templates for each format as you want. This allows creating complex instrument and the samples/selected parameters that Kit Creator supports will be changed. You can use a single template, cycle through all, or use a random Template.
  • FOLDER ASSIGN – Folders are added via Drag & Drop and scanned recursively. There are 2 different views for assigning Folders to Pads, the PADS panel allows clicking a pad & selecting the folders to assign, whereas the FOLDERS panel shows a Matrix for seeing all assignments at once.
  • PARAMETERS – This panel allows assigning minimum & maximum values for the generated random values for Volume, Pan & Release for each pad.
  • FOLDER PARAMETERS – Recursive Scan, One-Shot, Reverse & Semitone Offset can be set per folder, both fixed and random probabilities are available.
  • CHOKE/MUTE GROUPS – Up to 8 groups are supported for formats that support them.
  • PRESETS – Saving the total state of Kit Creator to a preset is supported, so you can recall different profiles.
  • THEMING – The theming system supports 24 definable colours which can be saved as a theme, a few themes are included.
  • PROCESSING – This panel is where the export settings are located and the preset creation takes place.
    • CREATE – Creates new presets based on the selected settings to all selected formats.
    • CONVERT – This allows basic conversion between most of the supported formats. The conversion is based around what Kit Creator deals with, the lowest denominator is Sitala which supports 16 single samples. Kit creator always deals with 16 samples, volume, pan & release parameters. It isn’t intended as a full on Converter for general presets, although it will work for the mentioned parameters.
    • UTILITIES – This page can edit existing files by editing the volume, pan & Release values in different ways, such as reducing by 10%. There is also a text based search & replace which works with the raw text files & so can be useful for replacing sample paths for example.
    • SIMPLE MODE – Exports most formats & samples to an organised portable folder which uses relative paths (MPC & Ableton live excluded).
    • ADVANCED MODE – Individual control over each types paths & options.
  • RANDOM NAME GENERATOR – A database of around 30,000 words can be used to generate random names which can produce some amusing names. A 3 digit numeric name can also used in conjunction or instead.

Kit Creator is available to PC and Mac users.

For more information on Kit Creator, click here:

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