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Isotonik Studios Release Data.Train By Dillon Bastan

Isotonik Studios have released data.train, a sampler mangler by Dillon Bastan, available for £15.00.

data.train is a sampler mangler of sorts that can be used as an audio effect or instrument (works with dropped samples or live audio input).

It centers around the modulation of sample playback and FX through a grid of math operators. Each playback and FX parameter has its own modulation source/value and each frame that value changes based on its selected math operator.

By changing the operators in a chain of events and the source of their right-hand operand, you can create complex to harmonic oscillations that can be evolving over time or repeating rhythms.

This device is great for many uses, especially for rhythmic effects, glitchy/chaotic/stuttering sounds, ambient/generative soundscapes, pretty effects, or adding a bit of weirdness to your sound.

Features include:

  • Modulation grid with various math operators and modes of operation
    • ability to freeze and loop modulation history
    • Gliding
  • Sample playback of either a dropped sample or audio incoming into the device with various playback options
    • start, loop size, pitch, scales for pitch modulation with the option for dropping in scala (.scl) tuning files, direction, fade window shaping, overdrive, filter, delay, gain and panning
  • Ability to modulate nearly all playback and FX parameters
  • Many transport syncing options for making clean rhtyhms
  • Individual randomization and snapshot storage of parameters in both the modulation and playback section

data.train requires Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive.

For more information on data.train, click here:

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