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APD Offer 62% Off The World Discovery Bundle By Impact Soundworks

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 62% off the World Discovery Bundle by Impact Soundworks for a limited time, now only $99.00, (usually $257.00). The offer ends March 8th.

Take a journey around the globe with these world-class instruments! Built for the FULL version of Kontakt, this collection features intricately-sampled instruments from Indonesia, China and Turkey.

Javanese Gamelan

Do you want to create music that transports your listeners to a different world? Javanese Gamelan by Impact Soundworks is the perfect virtual instrument for you. It lets you experience the ancient and mystical sound of Indonesian gamelan, with twelve authentic bronze instruments that produce rich and resonant tones. You can use it with any VST, AU, or AAX plugin, and customize your tuning and scales to suit your style. Javanese Gamelan by Impact Soundworks is more than just a sample library; it’s a musical journey.

Chinese Guzheng

If you love the sound of the Chinese Guzheng, you will love Plectra Series 5: Guzheng by Impact Soundworks. This virtual instrument lets you play this ancient plucked string instrument with stunning realism and expression. You can choose from different articulations and techniques, such as vibrato, pitch bends, picks and bowing, and control them with your keyboard or MIDI controller. You can also mix and match three mic positions to create your own sound. Plectra Series 5: Guzheng by Impact Soundworks is the ultimate guzheng library for Kontakt.

Turkish Oud

Discover the rich and expressive sound of the Turkish Oud with Plectra Series 4 by Impact Soundworks. This virtual instrument captures every nuance of a masterwork six-course / eleven-string oud, performed by Stelios Varveris and produced by Dimitris Plagiannis. You can play with all crucial techniques, such as legato, tremolo, slides, mordents and more, and adjust them with your keyboard or MIDI controller. You can also fine-tune your sound with two mic positions and a full microtuning engine. Plectra Series 4: Turkish Oud is the ultimate oud library for Kontakt.

  • Explore the rich and diverse sounds of three world instruments: Javanese Gamelan, Turkish Oud and Chinese Guzheng.
  • Play with authentic articulations, techniques and tunings for each instrument, such as legato, vibrato, slides, bends and more.
  • Customize your sound with multiple mic positions, effects and mixing options.
  • Enjoy stunning realism and expression with 4x round robins per note (2x up / 2x down) and 4x dynamic levels.
  • Download size of the bundle is approximately 12 GB (compressed from over 20 GB of samples).
  • Get access to free updates and support from Impact Soundworks team.
  • Create music that transports your listeners to different cultures and times with Plectra Series by Impact Soundworks.

The World Discovery Bundle requires a full version of Kontakt 5.3 or later.

For more information on the World Discovery Bundle, click here:

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