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GForce Release Minimonsta2

GForce have released Minimonsta2, the latest incarnation of their Minimoog emulation, available at the intro price of £49.99 + tax, increasing to £99.99 + tax. Version 1 owners can upgrade to version 2 at the limited time offer of £25.00.

When we GForce released it, the original Minimonsta gained heavy praise from fans and critics alike for providing an extraordinarily accurate sonic replication of the legendary Model D.

But it went much further, augmenting the simplicity of the original design with a host of new features that allowed the deeply familiar tones to be pushed into previously unexplored sonic realms.

Minimonsta2 retains the fundamental architecture at the heart of its predecessor, but builds on this in ways that extend its sonic and musical capabilities into a uniquely deep & musical instrument and sets it apart from other Mini.

What’s new in version 2:

  • A new fully resizable UI,
  • An improved audio engine,
  • A powerful new Preset Browser,
  • Over 300 new presets,
  • A new Reverb effect,
  • A Vintage control for adding subtle analogue imperfections,
  • Four programmable Macros,
  • Selectable 4-stage envelopes,
  • An alternative bass-preserving ladder filter,
  • PWM for OSC1 and much more.

True to the original Model D®, the heart of Minimonsta2 provides the full original feature set with precise waveforms, a beautifully accurate resonant filter, snappy ADS envelope generators and the wonderful Mini loop-feedback function.

Using just these classic parameters, Minimonsta2 has a huge tonal palette that ranges from fat to fierce, and searing to sizzling. However, there’s so much more here, as a plethora of additions turn a beautifully realised Mini into a truly unique Monsta.

Minimonsta2 features GForce’s new, highly flexible preset browser, giving you the power to organise your sounds in a way that suits your workflow. With extensive tagging, sorting and search possibilities, it’s now quick and easy to find the presets you want. Talking of presets, we’ve got them by the bucketload.

GForce included more than 300+ brand new production-ready presets. You can also access 500 legacy presets, which have all been categorised and tagged for easy navigation. With a total of over 800 presets, inspiration is just moments away.

Minimonsta2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and standalone).

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