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The 303: The Annual Pack Is On Offer

ADSR are offering the 303: The Annual pack by as anreduced price for a limited time, now only £18.91, (usually £28.89). The offer ends March 14th.

303: The Annual is a modern showcase of the versatility of the 303 sound and spirit. This year, we’re proud to present our most exciting collection yet, featuring a wide variety of kits, loops, and exclusive bonuses that will motivate your music making whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out. 303: The Annual offers a complete journey through the history and future of electronic dance genres, all in one exceptional package.

The Roland TR-303 bass synthesizer was originally designed for creating realistic basslines for rock and pop music in the 1980s, but its impact on the development of House and Techno cannot be overstated. In the hands of pioneering musicians like Juan Atkins, the 303’s distinctive squelchy sound became a defining feature of the genre, adding a futuristic, otherworldly quality to tracks that still resonates today. The 303’s versatility and portability allowed techno producers to create complex, layered compositions with ease, and its influence can be heard in countless classic tracks from the genre’s early years to now.

303: The Annual distills the energy of the 303 (and the original sounds) and infuses it into new areas with surprising and exciting results. From Soul to Lo-Fi, Pop to House and Techno this pack will get your mind and feet moving!

Take a listen to the demo to get a feel for the 7 complete constructions kits included. Each features a full range of stems, shots, MIDI, loops and hits that will have you reawaken your appreciation for acid.

The Bonus – Kits For ADSR’s Drum Machine

ADSR have gone to town with the bonuses with not 1 but 5 kits for ADSR Drum Machine AND 10 presets for Hexcel, ADSR’s Harmonic Table-based Generative MIDI Sequencer.

3ZERO3_RESSURECTION is a collection of 5 Drum Kits for ADSR Drum Machine. Each includes a curated collection of samples mapped and programmed to make the most of Drum Machine’s advanced rhythmic and processing features and get you started on your next dance anthem:

  • Acid House Kit (120 BPM
  • Acid Techno Kit (138 BPM)
  • LoFi House Kit (122 BPM)
  • Mainstage Techno Kit (132 BPM)
  • Peaktime Techno Kit (130 BPM)

The Annual for Hexcel 

303: The Annual for Hexcel is a punchy pack of 10 presets for Hexcel, ADSR’s Harmonic Table-based Generative MIDI Sequencer. Designed to get you going with creative ideas, you can use them as is or tweak the presets to generate new and unexpected patterns.

Pack Contents:

  • 7 Full Construction Kits (361 files total)
    • Stems
    • Presets/Oneshots
    • MIDI
    • Loops
    • Drum Hits


  • 40 x 303 Loops
  • 40 x Synth Loops
  • Royalty Free!


  • 5 fully programmed Drum Kits
  • Each Kit includes 16 samples mapped to a pad + bonus samples
  • Each pad processed and programmed with a 4-16 bar pattern
  • Samples & Patterns provided are Royalty Free for use in your musical productions

BONUS – 303: The Annual for Hexcel

  • 10 presets for Hexcel
  • Royalty Free for use in your musical productions

Software Requirements:

Total Number Of Files:

303: The Annual

  • 487 files
  • 4.39 GB


  • 80 unique patterns total
  • 130 samples total
    • 80 mapped samples + 50 bonus samples!
  • 34.9MB

303: The Annual for Hexcel

  • 10 Hexcel Presets
  • 1.6 MB

For more information on the 303: The Annual pack, click here:

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