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Synthogy Release Ivory 3 German D

Synthogy have released Ivory 3 German D, a beautifully captured German Steinway D Concert Grand, available for $279.00. Owners of a previous version can upgrade for $149.00.

Introducing Ivory 3 German D, the debut product in Synthogy’s newest generation of Ivory software instruments. Ivory 3 represents a major leap in virtual piano recreation, and the platform offers some truly ground-breaking tech and features. At the heart of this technology is our new RGB engine that makes possible expressive new features that behave like modeling technology, yet maintain the complex, rich and realistic sound of real world recorded acoustic instruments.

Principle among these features is Ivory 3’s Continuous Velocity to Timbre. Gone are the limitations of velocity layers or levels. Continuous Velocity provides real-time velocity to timbre change at every attack velocity. Whether your controller is sending 127 values of MIDI 1.0 velocity, 16,384 values with MIDI (CC88) Velocity Extension, or 65,536 values of velocity with MIDI 2.0 16 bit Hi-Resolution velocity, Ivory 3’s Continuous Velocity feature provides endlessly smooth velocity to timbre change for each value sent. In musical terms, this translates to limitless degrees of tone color.

Ivory 3 builds upon Synthogy’s critically acclaimed, award-winning technology of Ivory II. All of the features from Ivory II have been carried forward into their new platform, along with complete support and compatibility for Ivory II pianos and presets. However, the heart of the Ivory engine has been replaced with Synthogy’s proprietary RGB technology. The RGB Engine (Real-time Gradient Blending) is Ivory 3’s new real-time playback and DSP technology that provides unprecedented expressive capabilities and stunningly realistic sound. Custom designed by Synthogy DSP guru, George Taylor to be innovative, extensible and flexible, Synthogy’s RGB engine provides the foundation for a powerful new generation of real-time audio platforms.

Ivory 3 German D features all new recordings of an exceptional Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. This majestic D-274 is characterized by its powerful, deep, resonant bass, and the round, singing tone of its treble. The unmistakable clarity and highly refined balance of tone throughout all registers makes this instrument a classic example of the beautiful and indelible Steinway sound, brilliantly recreated and brought to life in the Ivory 3 engine.

Features include:

  • Enhanced Sympathetic and Sustain Resonance
  • Fine User Control of High-Resolution Dynamic Color
  • Multiple Stereo Microphones
  • Powerful On-Board Mixing Desk
  • Channel/Bus Effects such as EQ, Compression, Ambience, Chorus/Delay and more!
  • All New Graphical User Interface
  • Full Backwards Compatibility for Ivory II Libraries and Presets

Ivory 3 German D is currently available to Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX) with a Windows in the pipeline.

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