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Cinematique Instruments Release 4 KLANGs

Cinematique Instruments have simultaneously released 4 new KLANGs, each is available for only €8.00.

Black & Gold

Here, the mellow heart of the orchestra glues everything together. Cinematique Instruments recorded some quiet horns and clarinets, added a gramophone simulation and added the option of stacking intervals for complex chords.

Double Spinet

The characterful predecessor of the piano can enrich your track with unique colors.

Next to its original sound, Cinematique Instruments offer a second articulation with felt dampers and a clever squeeze filter that cuts the signal to fit the right frequency spot in the mix.

Indie’s Desire

Always wanted to sound like your favorite indie artist but couldn’t afford the gear? – No problem.

With Indie’s Desire, Cinematique Instruments have taken a Jazzmaster guitar with a ton of modulation and added an extra bass layer for more richness. To get even more wobbliness, you can add a chorus and flanger effect to the instrument and complement it with a tremolo.

The ultimate dream for every indie lover.


Cinematique Instruments have recorded every single one of the 26 bars and programmed and arranged the natural vibrations and responses of the bar chimes.

Whether you want solo bar chimes or a mellow glissando in the background, you can control the most essential parameters and build your own sound.

For more information on these and other KLANGs, click here:

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