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Spitfire Audio Release Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion

Spitfire Audio have released the Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion, a meticulously curated selection of 62 percussive instruments, available at the intro price of £299.00 / $349.00, increasing to £399.00 / $449.00 after the promotion.

Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion is the second installment of Abbey Road Orchestra, the most detailed range of sample libraries we have ever created, High Percussion will be instantly familiar to Low Percussion users. Housed in the same Abbey Road Orchestra plugin and drawing on the same innovative features, intuitive mapping allows for easy layering and go-between to amplify the authenticity of  your composition.

This new untuned percussion library will expand your percussive palette, with a range of highly detailed and tactile instruments, while also providing an immediate natural feel that sounds authentic and cinematic.

High Percussion re-emphasises the nuanced features of Low Percussion, demonstrating their dynamic responsiveness. Soft Takeover, voice choking and two handed mapping all allow for an instinctive and gratifying performance. Expertly captured by GRAMMY-winning engineer Simon Rhodes (Skyfall, Avatar), and performed by internationally-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible), High Percussion offers an agile, responsive and intuitive experience.

Features include:

  • 62 Percussive Instruments
  • 16 Signals
  • Up to 11 dynamic layers
  • Up to 16 round robins
  • 391 articulations
  • ‘Soft Takeover’ option for dynamics
  • Two-handed layout
  • Right/Left mapping
  • Voice Choking feature
  • 17 main presents 
  • Toy box section
  • ~ 234,769 samples
  • 98.05GB download size

For more information on the Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion library, click here: 

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