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Fall Samples Release The Music Room For HALion

Fall Samples have released The Music Room, available at the intro price of $59.00.

The idea behind The Music Room was to produce a virtual instrument/sample library for soundtrack composing and modern songwriting, with an intimate and cinematic sound that you could use right off the bat. It is comprised of 20 presets encompassing piano, strings, and synth. 


Fall Samples recorded a Yamaha CF-III Piano with three microphone perspectives (Close high and low, far and near), allowing you to tweak the sound to your desire. The piano is focused on the low dynamic range for a more delicate sound, with pedal-on and pedal-off samples. The GUI allows you complete control of the sound with different filters, velocity curves, and reverb/delay. It also comes with a full-fledged arpeggiator. 


  • The Piano
  • Naked Piano
  • Edge Piano
  • Reverse Piano
  • Plum Piano


Fall Samples recorded a string trio (Violin, Viola, and Cello) with four microphone perspectives performing pizzicatos and major and minor chords in different articulations. For the major and minor chord presets keys C3 to B3 are major chords, and keys C4 to B4 are minor chords. These presets allow for easy layering strings to your compositions. We also packed in two bonus presets – “Epiphany Violins” and The Strings”, range G3-C7, sustains focusing on sul tasto and harmonics articulations. 

Strings articulations:

  • Pizzicatos (solo)
  • Marcatos (major and minor chords)
  • Short sustains (major and minor chords)
  • Sustains (major and minor chords)
  • 16th notes phrases (major and minor chords)
  • 16th notes with accent phrases (major and minor chords)
  • Epiphany violins(4 violins: sul tasto, harmonics and espressivo)
  • The Strings
  • Shorts ambience (major and minor chords)


Fall Samples also packed in some synth presets for a modern hybrid sound. It comes with three oscillators and multiple controls with infinite sound possibilities. 


Piano presets, Pizzicatos and Synth pizzicatos have an arpeggiator with plenty of phrases to fuel your creativity. You can also make your own arp phrases. Check HALion manual for more info on the arpeggiator.

The Music Room requires HALion Sonic SE 3.5 or later (free),  the new HALion Sonic 7 (free) as well as HALion Sonic 3 and HALion 6 (or later).  

For more information on The Music Room, click here:

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