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KIT Plugins Release BB N73

KIT Plugins have released BB N73, a channel strip made by modeling 12 different Neve 1073’s. The BB N73 is available at the intro price of $75.00, increasing to $150.00 after the promotion.

Each 1073 was hand selected from Blackbird’s extensive collection, and painstakingly analyzed to ensure every audible detail was accounted for. In the KIT spirit of building “Real World” models, the BB N73 has been designed to sound and function just like the hardware in use at Blackbird. Everything from cables and modifications to age and irregularities have been factored in to the final product.

Using their award winning Full Range Modeling Technology, (FRM) their team of engineers developed the BB N73 channel strip to capture the sound and character of the original hardware we all know and love. 

FRM allows KIT Plugins to model the full frequency range from 10Hz – 96kHz giving the BB N73 all of the analog depth and color of the original gear.

BB N73 comes with a collection of custom presets designed by some of the industry’s best, including Joe Carrell and Albert “Lamont Sincere” Brown as well as the KIT team.

3 powerful bands of EQ at your fingertips to help carve the tone of your tracks. Featuring a beautifully designed, user-friendly interface that faithfully recreates the classic Neve 1073 controls, the BB N73 offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility in your digital workflow. Whether you’re shaping the sound of individual tracks or crafting the perfect mix, the BB N73 delivers the rich, full-bodied sound that only a true vintage EQ can provide.

With its legendary, fully discrete Class-A design, the 1073 preamp provides a classic vintage tone that has been used on countless hit records across many genres. With its meticulously
modeled circuitry and authentic vintage character, the BB N73 delivers exceptional clarity and detail, while also adding a touch of subtle harmonic distortion that helps to bring out the true essence of the source material.

Modeled after the output buss of a Neve 8058 console, the final stage of the BB N73 offers additional subtle harmonic content and compression to get that weight and punch that’ll make seasoned Neve users feel right at home. The amount of saturation and compression depends on how hard you drive into it, starting with subtle transient smearing, all the way to utterly squashing your track. This master buss may be all you need to take your mixes to the next level.

Features include:

  • Console frequency response accurately sampled from 10Hz to 96kHz
  • Auto Gain enhances usability: as you add gain on the mic pre, the fader level now adjusts the output automatically to maintain dB level
  • Continuous Gain optionally removes the notched movement of the mic pre gain, giving you more control of gain level
  • Tooltips display the exact amount (to the nearest tenth of a dB) of gain added or subtracted on each EQ band and mic pre
  • Resizable 3D GUI: you can click and drag the bottom right corner to change the size of the plugin
  • Fader Color: you can now change the color of the fader between black, silver, red, blue, and teal
  • Oversampling: you can now adjust the sampling level from Low, Medium, and High for higher definition or to relieve your CPU of intensive processing
  • Includes custom pro presets
  • Full M-Series support

BB N73 is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on BB N73, click here:

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