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DYSTOPIA: Drum & Bass – Recently Added To Loopmasters & Loopcloud

Loopmasters and Loopcloud have announced the recent addition of DYSTOPIA: Drum & Bass by Ghost Syndicate.

DYSTOPIA is the ultimate drum & bass sample pack for producers looking to add a touch of darkness and intensity to their tracks. With its focus on deep basslines, heavy breaks, and moody synths, this sample pack is inspired by the break-heavy sounds of drum & bass.

The pack includes a diverse range of drum, bass, synth, and FX, all expertly crafted to provide you with the building blocks you need to create your very own dystopian soundscapes.

DYSTOPIA also includes a range of melodic combi loops, perfect for chopping and rearranging to fit the needs of your tracks. The included drum loops are split into three categories: full drum loops, stripped drum loops, and top loops, giving you full control over the rhythm and groove of your productions. Whether you prefer to build your beats from scratch or work with pre-made loops, this sample pack provides everything you need to bring your drum & bass tracks to life.

Additionally, the pack comes complete with a bonus Ableton Live drum rack, making it easy to quickly build and experiment with different rhythms and beats.

Get ready to enter a world of darkness and take your DnB tracks to the depths of bass-heavy dystopia.

DYSTOPIA forms a perfect production bundle together with our IRIS and OBJECT: 140 Jungle sample packs.

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What’s included:

  • 1.29GB
  • 43 Bass Loops
  • 44 Bass One-Shots
  • 10 Cymbal One-Shots
  • 27 Closed Hat One-Shots
  • 40 Kick One-Shots
  • 20 Open Hat One-Shots
  • 37 Percussion One-Shots
  • 4 Shaker One-Shots
  • 3 Tambourine One-Shots
  • 23 Shuffle One-Shots
  • 45 Snare One-Shots
  • 42 Drum Loops
  • 20 FX Loops
  • 23 FX One-Shots
  • 34 Melodic Combi Loops
  • 21 Stripped Drum Loops
  • 38 Synth Loops
  • 34 Synth One-Shots
  • 43 Top Loops
  • 20 Bonus Drum FX Loops
  • 10 Bonus Drum Loops
  • 20 Bonus Stem Kits
  • 1 Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack

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