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Sonuscore Release Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases

Sonuscore have released the Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases, a mysterious and other worldly vocal library, available at the intro price of €79.99, increasing to €99.99 after the promotion. The offer ends March 27th.

Invoke the old magic with these mysterious voices from beyond. These otherworldly calls will deliver you into strange and unknown places, enticing your primordial inner self to break your compositions free from all inhibitions.

For the Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases  library, Sonuscore tapped into the shamanic sounds of traditional Mongolian singing. Divided into three categories, Female, Male, and Throat, the library delves into the more mystical places of vocalizations. The Female and Male parts are based on the traditional long song, or Urtiin duu, a most ancient art loudly sung from the mountaintops, each long, drawn-out syllable evoking the deep, vast, open spaces of the Mongolian steppe.

Then there’s the famous throat singing – the Mongol Khoomei – which relies on guttural vibrations and circular breathing, creating a completely alien, otherworldly sound. At first listen, it inspires visions of far out sci-fi/fantasy worlds or ancient religions.

Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases is the perfect vocal instrument to add a raw, esoteric flavor to your music.

Features include:

  • 621 different live-recorded phrases in 17 themes
  • 51 samples per Theme
  • Unique singing compatible with most modes
  • 3 Categories: Female, Male, and Male Throat
  • Mystical and profound sound
  • All controls fully MIDI map-able

 Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases requires a full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later or Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic 7. Click HERE to download HALion Sonic 7.

For more information on Mongolian Voices – Ancient Phrases, click here:

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