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G-Sonique Release KFXT-41 – A Techno Kick Processor

G-Sonique have released KFXT-41, a Techno kick processor, available at the intro price of €17.90 (for the first 77 customers), increasing to €34.90 after the promotion.

Kick drum is the most basic element / building skeleton of every techno track. From minimal Techno to Berlin, Detroit, Schranz, Hardcore Techno or mainstream techno – kicks are important in every subgenre and creates the character of the track.

Thanks to the KFXT-41 Techno Kick processor plugin, you can create fat, dense, intense kickdrums from simple kicks (e.g. 808 / 909 or basic env.pitch modulated sinus samples), including their processing – with spatial reverberation, maximum density at bass frequencies, resonance and percussiveness,
saturation and full volume. Instant techno kick rumble generator. Fast and easy.

You no longer have to worry about finding a suitable combination of samples, choosing and tuning dozens of external plugin effects to achieve a real techno kick drum. In the KFXT-41 plug-in you will find: Saturation and bass boost analog unit for maximally fat bass and sub-bass, Analog kick resonators – 2x for highlighting the centres / percussiveness / ringing of the mid-range frequencies of the kick drum. In the plug-in you will also find a special analog
sine saturator as well as a monoizer because the bass and sub-bass frequencies must be mono to eliminate problems on large sound systems in clubs and festivals.

In addition to the mentioned processors, the plugin also contains a tuned techno reverb whose ambient component can be filtered with 9 different filters, including filters that emulate the sound of filters from hardware dsp chip-based synthesizers with a very organic, liquid sound and sharp acid resonance.

The plugin also includes a collection of 35 diverse presets, which, however, can sound different and different depending on the input signal / used
kickdrum sample. (we recommend tuning individually for each sample).

You can experimentally use this plug-in also in other genres like ambient, ebm, experimental, and also with techno percussions not just kick drums.

Watch the demo video HERE.

KFXT-41 is available to PC users (VST).

For more information on the KFXT-41, click here:

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