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There’s 60% Off Presser By Aiden Kenway

ADSR have reduced the price of Presser by Aiden Kenway, now only £11.96, (usually £29.82). The offer ends Apr 7th.

Presenting the superstar compressor plugin.

With powerful controls and an intuitive interface, this exclusive artist-collaboration allows you to effortlessly fashion the dynamic range of your audio signals, whilst simultaneously adding characterful punch and presence. Presser is developed in collaboration with producer and YouTube remake legend Aiden Kenway.

The plugin features signature processing chains from his productions, not only transforming dynamics, but also sculpting the character of audio. Whether you’re looking to shape transients, add bite, or glue together an entire mix, Presser has you covered, in just one plugin.

The GLUE control changes the behaviour of the compressor’s detector and processor. When set to 0%, Presser will act as a fast peak compressor, taming transients. At 100%, the compression model will behave like a classic bus compressor, providing more sustained changes and a smoother sound. Use the PUNCH dial to introduce transient punch using a built in dynamic equaliser. Kicks, snares, basslines and more can be made snappier and tighter with this control. HEAT adds analog style saturation both pre and post compressor, introducing harmonics and sonic artefacts. Adjust the dial from subtle warmth to gritty overdrive.

The CHANNEL LINK dial allows you to choose whether the stereo channels will be processed independently or together. This feature allows for greater control over the compressor’s behaviour, enabling subtly different processing on each channel or preservation of the stereo image. HIGH-PASS controls the frequency of a high pass filter for detection. This helps to reduce the unwanted pumping effect of more delicate compression settings. It’s a common technique to SIDECHAIN a compressor to a different audio trigger. Of course we had to include it as part of Presser, but with a special twist. The variable control can be set to any level between 0% (normal compression) and 100% (sidechain input only), making for some creative sidechain possibilities.

With all the compressor controls you know and love, Presser is the first compressor plugin you should fire up. As well as Aiden Kenway’s innovative additions, it features all the basic compression parameters you need for everyday use. This makes Presser a versatile and powerful tool for shaping the dynamic range of a wide range of different types of audio. Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release and Makeup Gain controls are all present and correct, allowing you to fine-tune the compressor’s behaviour to suit the needs of the signal and the desired creative effect.

Choose to mix the compressed signal with your original raw audio via the MIX ratio control, allowing you to dial down the wet / dry for parallel compression effects. Click the LIMITER button to limit the output of the plugin. Push more signal into the limiter using the OUTPUT setting, resulting in more limiting and a louder result. The BYPASS control is smoothed to be as click and pop free as possible for unhindered A/B testing.

Features include:

  • Artist curated plugin from Aiden Kenway
  • Creative compressor with Glue, Punch & Heat
  • Advanced Detector options
  • Flexible compression stages
  • Standard parameters for everyday use
  • Resizable interface
  • Pop & click free bypass
  • A/B/Copy for comparing settings
  • Responsive & CPU friendly
  • Artist-curated factory presets

Presser is available to PC and Mac users (VST, AU and AAX).

For more information on Presser, click here:

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