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OSC Audio Release Thru-Zero E-Piano – A FREE Download

OSC Audio have releases Thru-Zero E-Piano, collection of analog oscillator samples, morphed, and tweaked to bring you a unique sounding e-piano that will shine in all of your mixes. Thru-Zero E-Piano is available to Decent Sampler users as a FREE download and will be coming soon to iOS. The audio samples are also included for non-users of Decent Sampler.

E-Pianos have been around since the 1920s, and we all know their sound, but what is an E-Piano really?

While there are many kinds, if we stick to the style of the famous Rhodes style E-Piano, it’s just a collection of struck tines (or tuning forks) for the attack Bell-like sound, combined with a tone bar for the sustained sounds.

To recreate the Tine, we’ve used frequency modulation for a perfect bell-like sound, but as many of you know, analog oscillators and FM do not track well. The solution was to use my SSF Zero Point Oscillator that does Through Zero FM. This allowed me to get crazy with FM without the pitch drifting.

For the Tonebar sound, we’ve used a powerful analog VCO and filtered it down. All of this then is routed through warm analog saturation for a little bit more warmth and harmonic excitement. With a full series of 88 key samples looped for infinite sustain.

Thru-Zero E-Piano / Decent Sampler is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) and will be coming soon to iOS as an AUv3.

For more information and to download Thru-Zero E-Piano, click here:

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