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Fred Corvest Releases AUBE – Audio Unit Box Explore

Fred Corvest has released AUBE – Audio Unit Box Explore, an app that gets your AUv3s organised and keep your favorites close at hand, available at the intro price of $5.99. The offer ends March 27th.

Since its announcement in 2015, the number of audio units (AuV3) released on iOS has increased extraordinarily! But this success has some drawbacks, having a great overview of your plugins has become much more difficult and most of the time everything is mixed up.

Whether you are a budding music producer or passionate amateur musician, your goal is the same: having fun with your favorite audio units close at hand! Rather than spending time looking for them via grid and list with the sole search criterion of the name and the manufacturer.

AUBE is the app you need to get your collection organised. It provides a great overview of your audio units, your effects and instruments are automatically listed and classified. Information such as group, categories and features, are already available for most of the known audio units. You can explore, filter, set your favorites (available on iCloud), share badges on social media and more.

AUBE also comes with a keyboard extension where you will find all of your audio unit effects and instruments organised by group. Your favorites are always placed on the top of each list. Use the filter in case you need to search for something more specific.

If your AuV3 host, such as Loopy Pro, AUM, Drambo or ApeMatrix, provides a search text field in their audio units list dialog, you can locate your audio units right away with the AUBE keyboard!

Features include:

  • Your AuV3 effects and instruments are organised
  • Information, such as group, categories and features, are already available
  • Explore, filter, set your favorites
  • Share description and badges on social media
  • Use the keyboard extension to locate your AuV3s in your host
  • Universal
  • iCloud
  • Light/Dark mode

For more information on AUBE, click here: 

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