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Isotonik Studios Release ReverBerserk – A FREE Download

Isotonik Studios have released ReverBerserk, a Max for Live device that can create ambient soundscapes. ReverBerserk is available as a FREE download.

Reverse your audio for a settable length and listen as it creates an immersive and otherworldly texture that will leave your listeners spellbound.

This new device takes an audio signal as input and reverses it for a settable length of time, which can be adjusted in milliseconds or synced with Ableton’s tempo. Not only does this device allow you to reverse your audio, but it also provides the ability to spread it in stereo and diffuse it as a reverb, adding depth and dimension to your soundscapes.

The first feature is the ability to set the length of the reversed signal. You can either enter a specific time in milliseconds or sync the length to the Ableton tempo. This allows for precise control over the duration of the effect, and it makes it easy to create rhythmic patterns that are in sync with your project.

The second feature is the reverb section that allows you to diffuse the reversed signal. This feature allows you to create ethereal and otherworldly textures that can add a unique character to your music.

Finally, the device includes a spread control: you can control the width of the stereo field of the diffusion, which allows you to create a wider, more immersive sound. This feature is particularly useful for creating ambient soundscapes or adding depth to your mixes.

In conclusion, ReverBerserk is a powerful new Max for Live device that will take your audio manipulation to the next level. Whether you’re looking to create ambient soundscapes, rhythmic patterns or add depth to your mixes, ReverBerserk is the perfect tool for the job.

Features include:

  • DW : amount of dry or wet signal
  • TIME: duration of the reverse delay buffer
  • Free/Sync button: choose between a free or an Ableton synced delay time
  • DIFFUSE: dry/wet of the integrated reverb
  • SPREAD: shifts the reverb’s channel in order to get a wider sound

ReverBerserk requires Ableton Live 10/11 Suite or Ableton Live 10/11 Standard with MaxforLive installed.

For more information on ReverBerserk, click here: 

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