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The Very Loud Indeed Co. Release OBLIQUE II

The Very Loud Indeed Co. have released OBLIQUE II – Dark Bass Explorations, the second instrument in the OBLIQUE series, available at the intro price of $47.00, increasing to $79.00.

OBLIQUE II is a damaged, twisted, brutal but incredibly expressive double bass instrument perfect for cinematic performances. Like the cello in OBLIQUE, this is not an instrument for creating soothing music — it’s brimming with sharp edges and blunt force.

Alberto Moreno Guier is the bassist behind the tortured, obscure sounds in OBLIQUE II. His mastery of the double bass allowed us to capture powerful performances within a massive dynamic range, perfect for psychological thrillers and terrifying horror sequences.

Features include:

  • 643 sound files at 24 bit / 48 kHz resolution in a compact 2.3 GB footprint
  • 9 double bass articulations: Long Sul Tasto, Staccato, one whole step downwards Glissando, Glissando harmonics, Tremolo Glissando harmonics, Circular bowing, Crunches, Bartok pizzicato and body taps as percussion elements.
  • Clean, intuitive and fast GUI

OBLIQUE II requires a full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later.

For more information on OBLIQUE II, click here: 

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