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Florian Mrugalla Releases PerlinNoiseMod – FREE To Download

Florian Mrugalla has released PerlinNoiseMod, a plugin that synthesizes perlin noise, available as a FREE download, donations are welcomed and can be made via the plugin itself.

The output signal from PearlNoiseMod can be used as a modulator in DAWs that allow audio or midi cc signals to be modulators of other plugins parameters, like Bitwig and Reaper.

Perlin noise was developed by Ken Perlin while working on the original Tron movie in the early 1980s. He used it to create procedural textures for computer-generated effects and won an Academy Award in technical achievement for this work in 1997. Ken Perlin faced the problem that white noise is too random to generate realistic and believable looking landscapes, so he came up with an algorithm that creates random, yet continuous type of noise with a parameter that controls the complexity of the curve.

Quite a lot of plugin developers have already incorporated perlin noise as a modulator in their plugins, because as it turns out natural noise is also useful for music production. You can find a perlin noise modulator in my vibrato, NEL, or in the popular synthesizer, Vital, for example. This plugin generates perlin noise for you as an audio signal or midi cc messages, so you can decide yourself what you wanna use it for in your DAW of choice.

Watch the demo video HERE.

PearlNoiseMod is available to PC users (VST3). A Mac version is on the way.

For more information and to download PerlinNoiseMod, click here:

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