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Noisebud Release Bear – A Low-end Enhancer

Noisebud have released Bear, a low-end enhancer, available from Patreon from $5. You’ll also receive access to their entire range of plugins.

Bear is a low-end enhancer plugin that employs the principle that you will perceive the fundamentals as louder if you add or enhance the harmonics of a signal. Other developers have plugins that do the same, so why would you want Bear?

The no1 reason is that Bear is faster to dial in, put in on your track, adjust the dry/wet control and move on. Bear will do a lot of the fine-tuning for you so that you can concentrate on creating music and making stunning mixes. There are no reasons not to use Bear.

With Bear you can:

  • Make your low-end cut through the mix
  • Add depth
  • Add warmth
  • Make your mix/instrument sound fuller

Bear is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information on Bear, click here:

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