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Spitfire Audio Release British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds

Spitfire Audio Release British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds, a stunning sound palette of 99 brass and rees patches, available at the intro price of £129.00 / $149.00, increasing to £169.00 / $199.00 after the promotion. The offer ends April 6th. There’s also a £109.00 / $129.00 cross-grade deal for anyone who owns British Drama Toolkit or Contemporary Drama Toolkit.

Immerse yourself in a new world of brass and reeds — a stunning sound palette of 99 patches, brought to life with our unique and intuitive Layers technology. Instantly sparking inspiration on first play, it’s every composer’s dream — the ability to finish a whole cue within a single patch. Made in collaboration with award-winning composer Samuel Sim, intricately workshopped techniques from a range of solo brass and woodwind instruments (including saxophones, recorders and flugelhorn) are presented in various combinations — each offering a full spectrum of emotion and expression.

For anyone looking to embrace a new approach to scoring — and a fresh alternative to string instruments — this sophisticated toolkit offers instant creative freedom. British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds intuitively matches the intensity at which your fingers hit the keyboard by selecting from three different velocity layers – layering textural beds with characterful, emotive lead lines — unlocking a world of sound in every patch.

Brass & Reeds features the UK’s finest players performing a range of uniquely workshopped techniques – including Shorts, Longs, Recorder flutters and chiffs, Tuba multiphonics, Saxophone growls and rich Cor Anglais swells. The fluidity and unpredictability of the breaths between the notes and re-articulations offers a genuine sense of reality, with notes firing off each other in different ways, to add nuance, depth and humanity to your scores.

The magic begins as soon as your fingers hit the keyboard. Depending on the intensity at which you hit the keys, the plugin selects from up to three velocity layers (Texture, Soft & Loud), with varying expressive performances within each layer. It’s a unique experience, offering ultimate creative control as well as the opportunity to listen and move intuitively, responding to the varying lengths of notes and subtle shifts present within each technique.

The velocity layer grid comprises three distinct layers:

  • Texture – pads, textural beds, subtle movements, pulsing repetitions and re-blowing
  • Soft – muted tones, suited to subtle moments or moments of dialogue 
  • Loud – characterful, expressive lead lines with a soloistic feel

Features include:

  • 99 Patches
  • Dedicated Plugin
  • In-built Velocity-led Layers technology, featuring three distinctive layers of recordings
  • Signals (2):
    • Close – Close intimate mix capturing every detail of the instrument
    • Tree – Medium distance signal with added depth
  • Sections (5):
    • Double Reeds:
      • Contrabassoon 
      • Bassoon
      • Cor Anglais
      • Oboe 
    • Recorders:
      • Recorder Ensemble 
    • Saxophones:
      • Bass Sax
      • Bari Sax 
      • Alto Sax 
    • Brass:
      • Tuba 
      • Bass Trombone
      • Tenor Trombone 
      • Tenor Horn
      • Flugelhorn
    • Combis
  • 23658 samples
  • ~8GB download size

The British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds requires Spitfire Audio’s ‘player’.

For more information on the British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds, click here:

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